JUNE 27-29 2014:
The Albuquerque Convention Center Albuquerque, New Mexico

JUNE 27-29 2014

Guest Announcements and Ticket Sales!

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Guest Announcements are coming later today, but we wanted to let you know how they are going to work this year! We’re rebuilding the way we do everything at ACE from the ground up! Here’s how it is going to work:

1. Guest Announcements will always begin on or around March 1st from this point forward.
2. We’ll announce 1 guest per day, until we don’t have anyone left to announce!
3. We’ll occasionally run contests for sharing our guest announcements! You can win cool stuff from us for helping us get the word out about ACE!

So, keep an eye on the site later this afternoon, and we’ll start it off!

We’ll be launching ticket sales later today, too! Again, we’re handling things a little differently – we’re going to have tiered early bird specials that will have discounted tickets for people who buy early. The earliest ticket purchasers will get insane discounts, but there will only be a limited number of each type available. We aren’t going to post the prices just yet, but here are the tickets that will be available for purchase:

ACE 2014 One Day Pass (Early Bird 1) – 25 available
ACE 2014 Three Day Pass (Early Bird 1) – 25 available
ACE 2014 One Day Pass (Early Bird 2) – 100 available
ACE 2014 Three Day Pass (Early Bird 2) – 100 available
ACE 2014 One Day Pass (Early Bird 3) – 500 available
ACE 2014 Three Day Pass (Early Bird 3) – 500 available
ACE 2014 VIP Package (Early Bird) – 15 available

Get in early to get those lower prices! We’ll have tickets for sale this afternoon! Good luck!

Booths and Tables going FAST!

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We still have booths and tables available for ACE 2014 – but they are going fast! Grab yours today, and experience the best convention in New Mexico!

ACE 2014 Kickstarter!

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Check out the new ACE 2014 project on Kickstarter! Get awesome rewards for backing ACE 2014, like extremely discounted tickets and tons of other stuff! Back the project today and get access to the ACE Funder’s Forum, where you can participate in designing almost every aspect of ACE 2014! YOU make the decisions! YOU choose the guests! YOU pick the panels! Become a part of ACE 2014 today with the ACE 2014 Kickstarter!

ACE 2014 Date Announcement!

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After much deliberation, we have settled on the dates for ACE 2014! ACE will be taking place June 27th-29th, 2014 at the Albuquerque Convention Center! Look out for more information on the show, coming very soon! See you soon!