Why buy your tickets early?

That’s a good question! Buying your tickets not only ensures that you are getting into the show, and that you’re getting a good price, but it also does something else. Buying your tickets early helps us budget the show to the appropriate amount of people that are going to show up at it. This allows us to have better guests, more guests, more events, and help keep the quality you’ve come to expect from ACE over the years! By purchasing your tickets early, not only are you helping yourself, but you’re helping ACE, too! And we love you for it! ♥

Ticket Prices

ACE VIP Package ………………………….. $150 plus tax
3-Day Weekend Pass …………………….. $40 plus tax
One Day Pass ………………………………$20 plus tax
Kids 10 and Under …………………………..FREE! (No purchase necessary! We’ll check them in at the show!)

NOTE: The ACE 2014 One Day Pass (and its Early Bird variants) are good for any ONE day of the show, either Friday, Saturday, OR Sunday. Once they are used, they cannot be used on any other day.

VIP Package

  • 3-Day Pass to ACE 2014 ($35 Value!)
  • 2 signatures or photos from the Celebrity Guest of your choice (or one of each!) (Up to $100 Value!)
  • 1 free play on the USS Miko Artemis Bridge Simulator ($5 Value)
  • 1 free play on Battlefield NM Laser Tag ($10 Value)
  • Entry to Riffing Myself with Joel Hodgson (Saturday) ($25 Value!)
  • Entry to the ACE 2014 Celebrity Karaoke (Friday) ($30 Value!)
  • Entry to Breakfast with Walt, Jr. (Sunday) ($50 Value DONATED TO CHARITY!)
  • Entry to ACE 2014 VIP Party (So awesome it doesn’t even have a value!)
  • Any and all ACE Exclusives (Yet to be announced! We’re working on ‘em!) (At least a $40 Value!)
  • ACE 2014 VIP Shirt ($20 Value)
  • 1 hour of early show floor access (1pm-2pm on Friday) (Awesome!)
  • … Plus even more to be added soon!

Total Value: $315.
Total Cost to YOU: $150.

Service Discounts

Service Discounts are available for active duty and retired military, police officers, and firefighters, and full time teachers. Please email [email protected] from your department provided email address, which we will use to verify you. If you don’t have one, email us anyways, and we’ll figure out a way to do the verification.
NOTE: Military Discount CANNOT be applied to Early Bird specials.
Military Discounts are also not available for VIP Packages.
Maximum purchase of 5 tickets per verified service person.